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Smarter Way of Business

With “shunsche” there is no longer a need to open your calendar every time you want to adjust your schedule. Quickly form appointments to eliminate the risk of missing vital opportunities.

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Search and Instantaneously Call Up Openings in your Schedule

Checking when we are free is something we repeatedly do on a daily basis when adjusting our business schedules.
The process of having to open up a calendar, pick out times when you are free,
write that down and send this information via e-mail will leave you squandering opportune moments
in the wake of a business environment that keeps speeding ahead.
shunsche works by accessing your calendar to instantaneously retrieve and list free periods in your schedule.
No more will you be plagued by the troubles associated with adjusting your schedule.

Smarter Results with Quick Search

Setting time slots and other conditions
as search targets in advance enables you to
list free periods in your schedule with a single tap.
You can also specify dates and days of the week to
exclude from search results, and add time before and
after an appointment to set times
that are not to be listed as free periods.

Send Free Periods Listed as They Appear via E-mail

With “shunsche” you are just one screen tap awayfrom
sending information on free periodsin your schedule by e-mail.
There is no longer the need to come and go
between your calendar and e-mail screen.
With a single tap, “shunsche” allows you do everything
from hiding free periods of time that you do not wish
for others to know about, to adding a pre-prepared
section of text to an e-mail before sending it.

Freely Search for Free Periods Common to Multiple Calendars

List free periods common to multiple calendars,
such as your own sub-calendars andother people’s
calendars that you share.
What used to be tiresome tasks are now completed
by “shunsche” on your behalf in a matter of seconds.

Quickly Retrieve Previously Set Search Conditions with Search History

A list of previous searches can be retrieved from history
for when wanting to communicate free periods
in your schedule again using previously set search conditions.
This information can be freely edited and mailed to others,
and free periods in your schedule can be searched again
using the same search conditions.

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